Toto Draw Mini Game Guide

We as the official representative of SBOBET for the Asian region, especially Indonesia, received reports from our loyal members that there are still many among all our SBOBET game lovers asking for details on how to play Toto Draw on SBOBET, indeed this mini game is very popular lately, because the way to play is very simple and does not waste time. Even in a matter of a dozen minutes, players can win millions of rupiah with a capital of only 50 thousand rupiah. We provide a Toto Draw game guide article which is also often referred to as the Hi Lo card.

Here we will tell you how to play Toto Draw on SBOBET . When you enter the Toto Draw game, the system will give you 50 seconds to make your bet choices and the amount of the bet. There are 8 types of bets that you can choose accordingly, including the following explanation:

– Rainbow

In the options section there are 3 colors, you choose “select color” namely BLUE, YELLOW and GREEN. Furthermore, in the “how many will appear” options there are numbers 0 to 6, for example you choose a yellow circle and a number 3, which means to win the game, there must be 3 yellow circles that appear. Daftar Sbobet

– Hi – Lo

You have to choose one of 3 options, Hi for numbers 100-201, Mid for numbers 107-109, Lo for numbers 15 -106.

– Odd Even

Choose 1 between 2, Odd for odd, even for even.

– Final Color

Choose one of 4 color options (blue/green/yellow/red) that will appear.

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– Final ball

Number guessing game (there are 37 number choices) that appears on the bandar bola terpercaya ball and only 1 number can be selected.

– Lotto

It is also a number guessing game, but the difference is that for Lotto options, you can choose more than 1 number.

– Total

Choose one of 4 options, namely Under 84, 84 to 107, 108 to 132 and Over 132.

– First or Last

Choose one between first or last.

Firstball : the number of the first ball is greater than the second ball
Lastball : the number of the second ball is greater than the first ball

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