The formula for winning Over Under the ball is only 1 key, what is it? Be patient, bro, later the admin will give you 1 key in this opportunity article. Before entering the topic of review, do you already know what kind of Over Under soccer betting is? If you don’t really know what kind of Over Under is. You can read first in the article how to read Over Under Football Betting.

It’s easy to keep over under guessing that the goal will be less or more than the market market that was opened. If less than the starting odds means Under, if more than the starting odds means Over. It is good if you enter the topic of description of opportunities this time so that the formula is right to win over under the ball.

The right formula to win over under the ball so that you win is still 1. Namely by placing bets on Under and Over. After all, how come, calm down, bro, will be explained. Admin said this formula with the name of the formula does not want to lose, hehe, it’s easy to do this formula. We keep placing Under first before the match is carried out and return to pairs of Over when the match runs.

Jitu Formula Wins Over Under Ball

For example the Manchester United versus Juventus match with Over Under or OU 2.5 (2 1/2) bets. Before the match you place Under, for example 100 thousand, when the match runs, the OU odds will be smaller. For example, in the first half, 20 minutes there is no goal, often the odds have decreased to 2 or 2.25 (2 quarter). Don’t be greedy, bro, just install Over to replace. But you can’t also install 100 thousand at the same time. Just install, for example, 1/3 of 100 thousand (30 thousand).

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Later if there are still no goals in the first half, place Over 1/3 of 100 thousand (30 thousand) in the second set. In 60 minutes or 30 minutes the game is over. Install the rest, it doesn’t matter. Plus, if you really feel like Under, you don’t need to bet. At this point can it be understood, bro?

In essence, we are still turning your partner around by aiming for the final score as you wish. Hopefully your partner on Under and Over wins both. But of course there is rarely such a thing, which of course you often have pluses. Confused, bro? For example, the Juve version of Mu’s final match has just ended with a 1-1 or two goal balance that runs.

Under 2.5 you win before the match (100 thousand), lose half on Over 2.25 (15 thousand). Draw in the second set or even win 1/2 if the market odds are 1.75, you think it’s a draw. And your partner in the final 30 minutes of the match will win (30 thousand). The details are that you won 100, lost 15 thousand, drew, won 30 thousand, in total you won 115 thousand.

The Right Formula to Win Over Under Ball is Only 1 Key

If you lose Under 100 thousand, you have returned your investment or just a series, chances are you will still lose. Therefore, the admin has just explained the formula for not wanting to lose hehe. The point is you are patient, bro, it is not easy for the match to be flooded with goals. Indeed, there are of course matches that have a lot of goals, but more and more where with matches where the goals are standard and even minimal goals.

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That’s for 1 key, if we play Over Under, there is no need for phobias to put Under in any match. The admin’s directions here are league matches and matches that open amateur or women’s ball, bro. It is good if so, so the article entitled “winning over under” formula is only 1 key. Hopefully it is understood and of course useful.

Good Tricks to Win the Titu Formula to Win Over Under the Ball

So, to avoid this, you should read this article to the end. Because we will share how the right formula to win over under is correct and tips and tricks to win it.

1. Don’t Focus On Just One Set

If in the first set you are in bad luck, then you can bet on the second set. Of course in the second set of matches or matches it will go even better and you already know how the two teams play bandar bola terpercaya. Until, it would be easy to guess.

2. Place Bets on Some of the Leagues That Score the Most of the Goals

Not all leagues can score goals. There are several leagues that often score goals, for example: the Japanese League, the Spanish League, the English League and the Dutch League. There are several leagues that rarely score goals. Like, call it the European Champions league, the Russian league, the Italian Serie A league. Why? Because in some of these leagues all good teams come in and get the most out of their strength, so it’s very difficult to score goals.

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3. Don’t Bet on Multiple Minor leagues

Chances are you often hear the name Worms League, now that means the minor league. Even if it’s entered within the 75th minute, do not place your Under bet in minor leagues. Just play in some important leagues or some big leagues.

4. Place Over Bets On Multi-Goal Leagues

Bet on an over if you place it in a league that often scores goals, especially when the market is 2 3/4.

5. Place Over Bets On These Leagues

You must place over bets on the Swedish League Section 2, Norwegian League, Dutch League, Swedish League, English League, Japanese League and Spanish League.

6. Don’t Be Greedy and So Force Yourself in Football Betting

If you have won a soccer sports betting bet about 1 time from the capital you have used, then you can just withdraw it on the gambling site and save your money as soon as possible. Because if you input credit, then it really has an effect that you can use it for bets with a larger nominal. The credit that you should leave a little bit to be used in the bet after that.


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