The Challenger’s Return

Online is still very popular these days for anyone who doesn’t choose to go to Las Vegas to take part in the prestigious World Poker series. Regardless, in this world series event, there is an old friend who reappears in a high-stakes event in this world series poker game. Ziigmund, that’s how he gave himself the nickname.

Isildur1 Moves Down


He may live in London, but he usually only plays high stakes poker in online poker rooms. Even with nearly all of the top players in Vegas today, isildur1 is still learning and managing 10,0001 rounds of playing cards a week. After all, he had often played at the small table in the previous weeks.

The players who received isildur1 visits at their table would also be honored by the presence of a player who was way above their level, and of course they would not be showered with the money. As such, the frequent losers Isildur1 has managed to make a profit of over $100k in the last week, which makes him look a bit better at the annual ranking level.

Ziigmund is back after 1 year off situs judi poker


One player who usually clashes periodically with isildur1 and other players. There was one lesser known player by the nickname Finn who had not shown up for a long time, he won $220k over five thousand rounds of play and ended the week with the highest ranking on the Situs Judi Online Bola.

The match between SanIker and Denoking continues

The most interesting duel last week was the duel between SanIker and Denoking. The two players are known as NLHE heads-up specialists.

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As big losers, they both seem to be fighting for the title rather than “HU NLHE’s best mid-stakes player” last week.

For now, it is Denoking who leads with the 10 biggest bets they both played over the two days of the session. Which is the biggest bet all week. 7 is a sacred number that comes to a mysterious player like Denoking.

On the rankings of the week, it was enough for him to take second place. SanIker, on the other hand, was the biggest loser for the week and consolidated his place in the bottom five of the 2014 leaderboard.

550×70 OK

Biggest Pot of the Week

The biggest bets online, due to the above-mentioned Denoking and SanIker. The limit at the table they played at was $300/$600 at this table, and after a raise by Denoking to $1500 SanIker raised it back to $5k.

Unlocked cards:

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