The Biggest Jackpot Online PKV Games Server Bandar Sakong

Every online gambling player wants to win every round of the game. It is undeniable that as players certainly hope to get double the profit from the money they bet. Not infrequently the players do cheat tricks to get the win.
In addition to winning, the players are also eyeing other things that can be profitable, one of which is the Jackpot. However, not all types of online gambling games have Jackpot bonuses. So if you want to get more profits, it’s a good idea to choose a game that has a jackpot. As in PKV Games, namely Sakong Online.

Why do you have to play sakong?? because in this Sakong game you will be offered a big jackpot bonus. If you manage to get a combination of cards and install the jackpot, you can be sure to get a lot of profits.

The following is a combination of the types of jackpot types with the payout amounts.

– A combination of AAA or Triple Ace – You have the right to take home all the jackpots on the table

– Combination of KKK or Triple King – Jackpot prize of 500k

– Combination of QQQ or Triple Queens – Jackpot prize of 400k

– JJJ combination or Triple Jacks – Jackpot prize of 300k

– Combination 10 10 10 or Triple 10 – Jackpot prize of 200k

– Combination of 3 images (random) – Jackpot prize of 50k

You also need to know before there is a misunderstanding in the jackpot payment. You must place a jackpot/JP bet on each round of your bet to be able to follow this jackpot system. The nominal purchase of this jackpot is quite affordable, only Rp. 1,000,- only. BandarQ site

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Easy Ways to Get Sakong Jackpot daftar idnpoker

To get a jackpot bonus is also not an easy thing, if you do not have experience or knowledge about this online Sakong game. But you don’t need to worry, here we will give you an easy way to get the jackpot in the online Sakong game

long play

The logic here is like playing lottery online, you can buy the number for days to be guarded whenever the number is open. Likewise, the quick way to get this Sakong jackpot is to linger playing certain tables without moving tables. If it’s not hockey, try changing the sitting position but still playing at the table. BandarQ Online

Playing on the high JP table

In my experience playing sakong online pkv games, JP sakong will not reach 1.5 million on a table. So the trick to winning playing the second online Sakong here is that you first look for a table in which there is a large JP Sakong.

Usually I look for a sakong table whose JP is not less than 800 thousand, and is free to play at a table with a minimum bet of big or small as long as the JP is around 800 thousand.

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