The Best Guide on How to Play the Latest Online Live Casino Sicbo Dice

Do you know the game of dice? Dice game is one type of live casino called sicbo, this article we want to explain to you all the best ways to play sicbo.

The sicbo game can be said to be one of the most exciting types of live casino, because waiting for the results of the dice is certainly tense. But if you manage to win when playing sicbo, of course, big prizes can be obtained.

Later we want to invite you to do how to play dadu online sicbo online, because playing sicbo online is much more efficient than having to go to the casino itself.

Because you can start playing sicbo wherever you are, only accessing it using a personal cellphone or laptop, then visit the online gambling agent that you think is the best place to play.

Even though it is carried out online, all sicbo bets will still use the correct money. So that if you succeed in winning, of course you will get real benefits that can be withdrawn to your personal account.

Mastering How to Play the Best Online Sicbo

If you are already very curious about how to play sicbo, it’s a good idea to understand the explanation in this article so that you really understand how to play, variations in bets, payment of your winning bets, and easy steps to win them.

The sicbo game can be played using 3 dice with edges 1 to 6, later the way to play is that the dealer will shuffle the three dice. The output of the Sicbo die will be the result of the session.

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But in guessing the sicbo results, you have various types of bets that you can place bets on. Let’s first learn about the following types of sicbo bets with various winning payments, of course.

Total 3 Dadu

First, you can use a total bet of 3 dice, which means choosing exactly what the sicbo result is. The answers range from 4 to 17, the winning prize itself varies from 1: 6 to 1:50.

Single Number

Second, there is a single number bet, you can play using only 1 dice. So you have to choose 1 die, if indeed the die comes 1x the payout is 1: 1, 2x 1: 2, and 3x 1: 3.

Double Bet

After betting on 1 dice, you can now also play using 2 dice. This means that you have to choose 2 dice that are likely to come out of the three dice, if correct then your pay is 1: 5. But if you guess 2 twin eye dice, then the payout is greater, namely 1: 8.


The next way to play Sicbo can also use a triple bet, which means that you are required to place this bet if you guess that the three sicbo dice produce 3 twin dice. If appropriate, the payout for you is 1:30, but if you guess the die correctly, the chance to triple the prize is greater, namely 1: 150.

Big Small Bet

Then there are small big bets, if you look at the sicbo results, it can be divided into 2 groups, namely large and small. Big includes 11 to 17 and small 4 to 10, if your guess matches 1: 1 prize is acceptable.

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Odd-Even Bet

Finally, there are even odd bets when playing sicbo online, meaning that the sicbo results can certainly be divided into odd and even numbers right? So you have to guess it right, if it matches then a 1: 1 payment is obtained.

Maybe that’s the various types of bets when learning how to play live casino sicbo online, make sure you master and understand the meaning of each.

Easy Tricks to Win Online Sicbo Game

When you have mastered how to play sicbo as above, then also see the easy tricks to win this sicbo game for sure to make big profits, of course.

First you have to play using easy bets first such as odd even and small, indeed the prizes are not as big as other bets, but the chances of winning are certainly much greater.

Second, always read the output history in playing sicbo, analyze how many results come out most often in 10 rounds. Because you can post these results so that you have the potential to win.

If you have a little capital, you should not use other difficult bets, indeed if you win, you will get big profits. But to win this bet is certainly not easy.

We think there are quite a few easy tricks to win the sicbo online game, hopefully all of you are helped by the explanation in this article and have the opportunity to get the desired victory.

Finally, we will say goodbye, thank you to all the bettors who have read how to play sicbo on this page. See you all and see you next time.

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