Strategy to Beat Micro-stakes Poker Players

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We teamed up with Master micro-stakes BlackRain79 to beat micro-stakes players at the entry level. poker deposit pulsa

Combining general knowledge of the micro-stakes strategy of poker itself, the in-depth concepts from BlackRain’s first book, “Crushing the Micro-stakes”, and analysis of a hand QA this is an ideal tool for learning how to beat the lowest tiers of poker. a game of poker.

Beating micro-stakes poker begins with a rock-hard strategy before the first three cards are dealt. Playing the right hand before the first three cards are dealt will reap easier results later on. In both parts of this article, we’ll show you how to build that solid foundation.

Leave Your Ego & Fancy Play.

Before we get started with the pre-flop guide, it’s important to consider what our goals are and how we can achieve them. Micro-stakes are all about getting good results from your hand in situations where you can win a small pot or if things go wrong and lose a big pot.

This sounds simple. But the good news is that it’s actually as simple as following a few guidelines and leaving your fancy and original way of playing, even if you’re a beginner.

Micro-stakes are not limited by where you want to play better than your opponent. They don’t want to look for every possible win situation. But they are truly an opponent. Your goal is not to play the game better than your opponent, but to get the most out of the correct and appropriate opponent. And instead of looking for every possible win situation of this game you can choose the situation that offers the most results.


To do this, our pre-flop foundation starts with:

Taking Initiative
Being in a position
Before we start with hand card selection, let’s first discuss what your main goal should be.

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Take Initiative

Poker is not always about having the best hand at the time of the show. In reality, the player with the best cards doesn’t always win the Agen Bola Sbobet. More often than not both players don’t show their good hand, and in that case you have to ask yourself who is most likely to win the pot.

Players who bet do not necessarily have good cards, and they will also cover cards when attacked. This is why we take the initiative, it means you have to make bets, raises, rather than just always following the call (passive), this is all very necessary. But you have to know how to control the game.

By betting early before the dealing of the three main cards, you have shown strength and in the case of another player using a call there is a greater chance that you can win the pot in the later game.

The biggest advantage of having initiative is that you can win the pot in two ways, namely by having the best hand at the opening of the card, and by getting your opponent to close the card.

Getting your opponent to cover the card is easier than completing the game itself. When your opponent has a reasonable hand, he or she will likely not cover the card and this is especially true in low stakes games.

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How can you tell if your opponent has a reasonable card? The answer is, you will never know for sure, but by playing poker which contains a lot of interesting things in it, you may want the cards you hold to end the way you want.

Let’s take a simple example where your opponent has to start first. In the first situation, he bet. In the second situation, he checks. And in what situation does he have a reasoned card?

Well, in the first situation, specifically included in the micro-stakes, making a bet often means being strong, and in the second situation, checking is weak. The players must have thought of this through several known supporting factors, namely where your opponent must move first.

Playing in Position

The biggest advantage of having a position is that you are the one with the most information before making a move. Playing at the micro-stakes level often the game looks blatant so however the game is usually that’s what happens. Check means weak, bet means strong.

Exceptions are the law of course, but exceptions are not where the money comes from.

Strength of Initiative and Position

As said, the player with the best hand doesn’t always win. In the game of poker almost every time it is your own goal to design a game that goes your way.

By taking the initiative and having a position you give yourself the maximum chance of winning the pot not only by depending on the strength of the cards in your hand but also giving yourself the opportunity to win the pot even if you don’t get a good hand.

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Not getting a good hand is something that can be both you and your opponent, so just by following these two guidelines, you are already setting yourself up for a lot of “dead money”. In addition, you also make your next game easier. And the next game is where you make money from your wins.

That’s one of BlackRain79’s ways to beat players on this micro-stakes or low-stakes poker. If you want to know more, of course you can try to apply the method he has online and it’s easy at and also buy his book BlackRain79 at your favorite bookstore, either in person or online.

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