Psychology in Poker

As in every aspect of life, the human psyche plays a huge role in how we perceive things, and react to them, as thoroughly explained by Matthias Brandner a professional poker star who will explain in detail our psychological strategy this time. This aspect of life applies very much to the game of poker, because it is an activity that clearly relies on our mentality. In this article I would like to address the biggest problem we face when it comes to the game of poker. That is, as our perception is wrong, as well as this can result in a struggle or what is known as ” tilt “.“, and how to deal with that struggle in general. I’ll also explain why this is the case, and suggest things that can help you improve or improve your game. When we play poker, we can perceive two things which can be categorized as follows, namely we perceive ourselves and other players, and we perceive the game. Both of these categorizations can cause the following problems:

We judge ourselves or our opponents wrong (too underestimate or overestimate our own or opponent’s game)
We judge the game, or more specifically, it turns out that the results that come out are not in accordance with our assessment. (e.g. “ace always comes when I have king”). No judgment is perfect, and it is nothing more than a naturally formed human opinion. The most common problem in our first case lies in the fact that we don’t like to criticize ourselves or admit mistakes. We always think we’ve played the game Situs Judi Bola Asia, and our opponent is lucky again. But is this really always the case? Are we really playing a good game and are superior to other players? This often helps us to take a step back and cool off as the game session continues. After that, we can observe in the third person, and always critically review before re-entering the game. Maybe you can also see things that are not going optimally. It also helps to try to get into the shoes of other players, and think about their play, and try to more objectively estimate their abilities. Of course there are things that can be seen clearly, but there are definitely also things where the advantages may not be as obvious as you think. daftar poker online

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The second case is the result of a psychological phenomenon called “selective perception”, where every time we see something, we see it in a different way based on our previous experiences, as well as our beliefs and perceptions. “Selective Perception” is a term to describe our biases and preferences when they come to pass. That is what we want to see and believe. In addition, negative or upsetting events are often experienced before even more upsetting than positive ones, and as a result still leave a sharper mark on your memory. Now, knowing that, I think you can imagine why the “ suckouts ” and “ downswings” is considered to be way stronger than the other way around. Or maybe you can feel that certain types of badbeats are disproportionately frequent. Selective perception and how we store information is an automatic process and is difficult to change or disable, but it helps to be aware of it, and know about why certain things seem the way they should. If you have a certain point of view on your observation program, you may find that things will not turn out the way you think. As a result, both cases can be a negative influence on our mindset, our playing ability, our skills, and our self-development. They can also be a factor for “ tilt ”” which I want to cover for the next step. How about “ tilt” occur? From my point of view, the main root of the problem is the feeling of injustice that occurs after certain outcomes. For example, a game that we think we should win, but instead we perceive it as a misfortune that keeps coming our way, and instead we often say that it’s unfair. I understand that very well and have felt it for a long time. Actually sometimes I insist on that, because it is our natural nature as human beings, where when we try hard and do the best we can, but it still doesn’t produce the results we expect. There are ways that can help you actively think differently about them.

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If you are a player who is winning, and is ahead of other players, this condition helps you to imagine yourself as a casino owner. Would you as a casino owner be angry if one of the players got lucky and won some money? Maybe you won’t be angry. You offer a service and feel happy to have as many customers as you can serve.
When you lose, you may think you should have won the game. And I understand that if something similar happened, we would be disappointed. But more than that, we must not state that such a thing is something that is certain to happen. You still need some luck where your opponent doesn’t dare to put up a fight. And in addition, most “suckouts” most “suckouts” are not even the same thing. The same thing will happen every now and then, there are many other things that are more interesting and not like the similar things that you experience. Being unlucky was the same as being lucky, and after quite a few games, things should have turned around,

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