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Online Poker Agent Site – With the most populist and cheapest credit deposit only Poker139 . Trusted Online Poker Agent Site.

Some of the betting players in this era will definitely be happier if the online poker site they choose to play as a place to play provides a deposit via credit. Indeed, lately this is very popular in the betting world because with this deposit via credit, it will be easier for players when they want to make a deposit on the online poker site they choose. Indeed, to play this online poker game, you must have your own bank account in order to make the deposit process 24. But what if there are members who want to make a deposit but they still don’t have an account or because the ATM is far from where you live? quiet, agen ceme keliling

As one of the golden icons, this site provides deposits via credit so that it is easier for members to make the deposit process because it is very easy to top up this credit, you can make a deposit through a credit sales counter or even through a minimarket near you.

How to Make a Deposit Via Credit On Online Poker Sites | Slot Deposit Pulsa

The types of payments provided by the Poker139 online poker site are not only Telkomsel and XL, so apart from Telkomsel and XL card users, it is possible for other card user members to make deposits via this credit. So that you can make a deposit via credit, then we will provide a guide in this discussion. Here are the steps:

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The first thing you have to do is ask for the Telkomsel or XL number that is used as the deposit destination. You can ask questions via livechat or through the WA poker site.
After you have managed to get the destination number from the poker site, then the next step is that you have to prepare the credit you have first. Because the minimum deposit via credit is IDR 15,000, you have to prepare that amount of credit as well.

Then you can open the call menu on your cellphone then press *858*destination number for deposit* the amount to be transferred#. For example: *858*destination cellphone number*50#
If you have successfully dialed the number as in the previous step, then you can immediately press OK to complete your transaction.

If the transaction has been completed, you must save the proof of the transfer in the form of a serial number and send the proof to customer service via livechat or even from WA to make your deposit process easier.

With this deposit using via credit, players will also feel the ease when making a deposit. In addition to the convenience of playing this online poker game, you are also facilitated in the deposit process. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt for you to play on the best online poker sites like Poker139 .

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