Online Poker Ambassador Contract

Perhaps because of the bite he did to Giorgio Chiellini, Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez was presented as a representative/ambassador for the introduction of an online poker game gambling business for the two weeks that were included in the suspension of Luiz Suarez by FIFA. judi poker idn

We know of course the signature of a Luiz Suarez has a high level of potential for attractive and large contracts, but who would have thought that it would end in an agreement to become an ambassador for one of the providers of online poker gambling games, which is popular with young professionals today.

Even so, Luis Suarez’s signature has left a huge vacancy in the market. The reason is, with the participation of famous football stars such as Ronaldo (CR7), Francesco Totti, and Andrei Shevchenko, it shows how successful a trend uploaded by a soccer star player to introduce and improve the reputation of an online poker site, and this trend will certainly continue. moldy and won’t just go away. As we know, these star players are often the target of bids for advertisements for other masculine products and seem sporty.

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