Mental Advice for Beginners

Last night I played in a $10 rebuy tournament on one of the online poker servers through my laptop in the room, really enjoyed playing and had fun. And there was an awkward incident when my best friend continued to buy-in 21 times without a single win.

Was he unlucky? Isn’t he lucky? Or how? Or maybe he wants to tell about his defeat in his latest novel like other novelists who pretend to come down to real conditions to write their novels, you see? No, bro. He totally lost!

We can see that problem as a fairly common problem for low-level games, aka geeky. And the thing for a novice player is sure to cause more losses than the win rate.

So I’m trying to find someone who knows more about “tilts” than my friend who sells hamburgers who only knows how to make hamburgers while whistling incoherently until the saliva drips into the hamburger’s cooking oil. By the way, those who don’t know the terms of poker games, you can search on Google for the keyword “poker glossaries”. And you also don’t have to know all about poker terms to be able to play poker, unless you are a poker fan who is looking for online courses for poker games that are taught online by Caucasians, of course you must hold the dictionary of terms closely during the course. . Well, let me explain that “tilt” is a term to define the mental state of a poker player while the game is in progress,

So for beginners, I will discuss about the mentality that must be possessed in playing poker. And still this explanation might be a little long, but I think I have to do this in order to get you and my friends out of the threshold of this beginner zone so that you don’t lose more chips when playing at the poker table. Maybe that’s one thing that makes sense that I use as my reason to continue this article discussing poker for beginners.

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OK, here is an excerpt from a game mental coach named Jared Tendler who has worked with over 250 poker players. His latest book is, “ The Mental Game of Poker 2 ”.

One area where poker differs significantly from other Daftar Bola Online is the degree to which the competitors are equal. For tournaments, you are given a sufficient number of chips and the same number as other players, and you are also given the same opportunity to compete with other players. So here you don’t build muscle with some expensive nutrients and win the game because you have more muscle. But here we are talking about experience, reasoning, emotional, and solutions to problems that arise when playing poker. It’s not fair if we only mention IQ or the level of intelligence of a person’s brain, because EQ or the level of emotional control also plays an important role here, especially for professionals. poker online dominoqq

We can take other examples such as for example a soccer game in which opponents are selected and balanced by the football league body itself to compete, sprinters only fight other sprint participants who have a qualifying time record to win the race. Like boxers also only fight boxers of his class that are balanced. You can see what I mean can’t you?

In general that is not the case in poker games, where in poker games there is a distinct element of emphasis on seeking significantly weaker competition. Regularly, world champions of poker games are required to play together with amateur players at the same table. Because in reality, the class difference between big and small can sometimes be compared to a professional playing 20 matches, and did the amateur lose all twentieth time? Not necessarily. From here, we can learn and read at least the games played by even a professional. And for every problem I’m sure there must be a solution, if you say not necessarily, I’m sure it’s because you haven’t found it.

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Sports events developed and progressed rapidly in close-range matches to get a lot of sympathy from many spectators. And after all, poker players score their money by finding a big point of advantage. The problem is that if you are only looking for easy money or what we are more familiar with easy-money, it will quickly damage your development and so will the gaps you actually have in each game.

Being challenged, that kind of feeling is an indispensable component of learning and playing in a zone. One of the leading theories of a Hungarian psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who published the book, ” Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.”. He defines being in the zone as a “Flow” statement, where a person is fully immersed in what they are doing.

To achieve this statement of flow, a balance must be struck between the expertise of an actor and the challenges of the task. In other words, the performer needs to feel challenged enough and have sufficient skills at the task to meet the challenge.

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