It turns out that the God of Casino Gambling Really Exists

We also see a lot of lifestyles in gambling in Hong Kong films. But the truth is, America is also known to have a culture of gambling that is already worldwide. How not, the city of his biggest gambling is also on the mainland from Uncle Sam’s country of origin, like the city of Las Vegas and also from Atlantic City. In these cities, we can find gamblers who are really very talented and skilled.

They are not only good at being in control of various situations. But it’s also very good at math too. So that they can think logically very well and can also become kings in the game arena. Among all the very smart gamblers, there are also tablets whose abilities are above average. And also so that there is also called the god of gambling.

Edward Thorp is also the father of card counting. Even that, this one genius man can succeed by using his knowledge in the real world. He was one of the founders of the computational system and has the title of Daftar Bandar Bola Online  of mathematics as well as of physics.

In the early 60s, he and his friend, Claude Shannon, went to Las Vegas and were interested in a game of Black Jack. From that moment on, he also tried hard to find the formula for the calculation behind the game. poker domino88

Edward Thorp A Mathematician
Judi Casino
Even though the existing computer he uses has far lower capabilities as well as the laptops currently available. And he also managed to find from that basic calculation through the system that he had found. Thanks to the calculations he had created, he also managed to bring home the 70,000 dollars in a day in the Las Vegas casino gambling arena.

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Because of his victory that is constantly happening. And he was even suspected of cheating and was also kicked out of the casino. In the end, he also wrote his first book about the mathematical calculation of the existing gambling entitled “Beat Dealer” in 1962 which was very successful.

If there is a gambling player identical only to men, but that is not for this woman. Ida Summers is also not an ordinary woman. In the 60’s to 70’s, he also managed to get a lot of profits that could be multiplied thanks to his clever actions at the casino table. He also has a special technique in rolling from the opponent’s table.

The Last Man Named Tommy Glen
This Tommy Glenn Carmichael is one of these smart people in the game of slot type gambling. He always has a trick that he developed himself to be able to cheat a slot machine, he also continues to win. Even though these big casinos have changed their machines.

And he was willing to go into the manufacturer for the casino machine and disguise himself as a customer in order to find out what this system was in there too. Once he was there know this trick which is also in a machine. And then Tommy also made a special tool that could make him win.

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