How to Read the Odds / Markets Over Under Online Football Gambling

How to Read the Over Under Online Football Gambling Odds / Market – Most online soccer gambling players only play on the Asian handicap (HDP) type of bet, only a small part of the total online soccer gambling bettor who understands and places bets on over / under.

Even though this type of bet is profitable because it is quite predictable. to read the football market / odds over under is also quite easy to understand, the essence of this type of bet is that you have to guess the total number of goals produced by both winning and losing teams.

For those of you who have never tried playing situs judi bola resmi in this type of bet, the admin recommends trying to play it because this type is quite predictable, compared to Asian handicap (HDP) bets, where you are required to guess the winner.

In this type of bet, you don’t have to guess the winner, you only have to guess the number of goals from the two teams whether it is below or over the odds limit or the predetermined ball market. This time the admin will share how to read odds or the ball market on over under bets.

For example: In the PSG vs Lyon match the market written on an online gambling site is over (2.75) -1.15 and under (2.75) 1.07. The meaning of the numbers in brackets (2.75) is 2.75 balls or 2 3/4 balls so if you place a bet on the under and the final result of the PSG vs Lyon match is 2-1 then you will lose half the value of your bet because the total goal is 3 and that is means going through 2 3/4.

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How to Read the Odds / Markets Over Under Online Football Gambling

Conversely, if you take over you will win half the bet value because it only exceeds 0.25 or a quarter of the odds limit given. Then the meaning of the number behind the brackets as in the over option is -1.15, it means that the over option is subject to a fine if the result is under, if the result is over then you will not get bonus money. For the under option, there is a number of 1.07, meaning that the under option will get a bonus payment if you win and are not subject to a fine if you lose. These fines and bonuses are called kei.

What about other markets such as 2.25, in this market if the score in that match is 1-1 then the one who puts an under will win half the value of the bet and place an over otherwise, if it is 2.5 then if the result is 1-1 the under will win in full and put an over will lose completely. If the odds are 2.00 then those who put under or over will be tied. Admin also recommends that you register with a trusted online soccer gambling site.

That’s about how to read or understand the online football gambling market for over/under betting types. Thank you.


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