How to Read Sbobet Statement

If you are an online sbobet gambler, of course you are familiar with the word Statement. But, for beginner online sbobet gambling players, of course the statement word will be very confusing. Alright, I will explain how to read the Sbobet Statement , just look at the following explanation:

Statement Menu at Sbobet Online

In the picture above, you can see the ” Statement ” menu which I gave a red box. Statement is a report of the match you place a bet on. Please click on the Statement option. After you click it, a new pop-up window will appear as shown below.

At the top there is a choice of time period and also the report date period, you can directly select the period you want. Then in the table, there are several columns, namely Date, Remark, Total, Comm , and Total . Description as follows:
– Date : the date of the game report you installed. Daftar Agen Bola
– Remark: a description of the game you installed.
– Total: total transactions from the date listed.
– Comm : commission earned on the date stated.
– Total: in this column the total is very different from the total in the third section, this is the total from the date listed after adding the commission.

You can click on any of the dates you want to view. In the example taruhan bola terpercaya above, I clicked on 13/04/2014.

After you click on the specific date you want, your game report will appear on that date. Look closely, I’ve given the red and black columns marked with A and B . Column A is the Report Period , Column B is the Dropdown Menu to select the type of game ( Sports, Racing, Casino, Games ).

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The way to see the date format is (mm/ss) which means the month first and then the date. Example: (2/1) is February 1/Month, not 2/January.

Then at the bottom there is another table. This table is a table of all the details of any bets you placed on that date. Here’s the explanation:
– Details : this column contains the ticket number, type of sport, date and time you placed your bet.
– Selection : the team you install, along with the market.
– Odds : odds of the match.
– Stake: the nominal amount of the match that you have placed.
– Win/Lose : the nominal amount of your win or loss in the match.
– Status: the status of victory, defeat , or draw in the match.

To return to the previous menu, you simply click on the ” Back ” button located at the bottom center.

That’s how to read my sbobet statement , hopefully this article can help you, especially for online sbobet gambling fans who are betting on the first time and don’t understand how to view the sbobet report statement Thank you.

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