How to Play DominoQQ Correctly at King of Poker88

Domio qq is a type of online poker gambling game that is liked by several players. This game is not only known as an online gambling game because its existence has long been loved for its fun and excitement. At first you have to decide to start playing the domino qq game, this article will review how to play domino 99 to win. Maybe they are the pioneers of the emergence of some of these tricks because they have implemented and taught other players.
Guide and Trick How to Win Playing Domino 99

Before starting to play domino 99, learn a trick or game guide first so that your game model doesn’t go wrong and stays the same as the game idea. If you have modifications in one agent you like, then keep it because it is your specialty that no one else has. How to play domino 99 in order to win is still the first to know about various kinds of dominoes. The number of domino 99 cards has 28 cards with a maximum number of 6 players where each player will get 4 cards.

Each domino card consists of 2 parts, namely the top and bottom which are separated by a line. Each card has a different nominal according to the number of circles on the card. Know in advance the type of King Poker88 domino card which consists of 6 series. Series 0 consists of 7 cards with 0 circles or blanks on each card. Domino series 1 consists of 6 cards where each card has 1 circle. The series already consists of 2 in 5 cards with 2 circles on each card.

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Series3 consists of 4 cards with 3 circles on each card. Domino Series 4 consists of 3 cards that have 4 circles on each card. Series 5 cards consist of 2 cards with 5 circles on each card. Series 6 card has only 1 card with 6 circles on the top and bottom. How to play domino qiu qiu to win requires a few tricks for beginners. Many gamblers use money from gambling for their daily income. There are many aspects that affect winning in playing online gambling.
How to Play Domino 99 to Win

With the exception of luck, playing domino 99 also requires a mature strategy. Luck and strategy must always be owned so that you often become a winner because only having one of them wins is only a moment. Pay attention to the following more complete things so that they become provisions for playing.

The first step to playing domino 99 in order to win is preparation. Run very well several kinds of cards and strategies commonly used by some senior players. Lots of practice in front of the first plunge into the match is part of the preparation.

With practice, the experience will increase. All winners usually do the preparation correctly. Routine activities or generally playing time can make playing models the characteristics of a person’s game. Remember practice makes perfect because the more you practice, the more proficient players will become to conquer the game. If you already have a specific playing style, you can be sure that that person already has experience in playing online gambling games.

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Such a good instinct

In addition to capital, you also need a very good instinct to win the game. Live the card opportunity you have. If in the distribution of the initial 3 cards you get a cue (9) so please continue because it is rare for players to get the same card according to that until you are also a hockey person. You will be given 3 cards in the first round of the game. Each player is given 2 opportunities to increase the bet or not to bet. Mistakes that have caused defeat in the game first must be understood so that the game after that can be better situs judi domino online

Have enough capital

Being a bully you must have enough chip capital so that the opportunity to bluff is even greater. By increasing the bet, so you can bluff even though your cards are bad until your opponent will be afraid and forced to fold. There is always a chance to lose no matter how good your game is. Remember to lose not all players are able to bluff because they may be mentally tough.


One of the most important aspects of all online gambling games is concentration. Reduce various things that can interfere with your concentration, such as chatting, TV sounds, eating, or other activities. A professional player will find it difficult to win if he does not concentrate his time in playing or his focus is distracted by several other things. Create a calm and comfortable situation before playing. The best place to be quiet is your own room but be optimistic that no one might suddenly appear or disturb you because you want something that is not important.

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Bluffing your opponent needs to be dealt with sometimes even if the cards are not good enough so that your opponent is confused about your playing style But hold on if you bluff, first look at the number of chips you have because players who have lots of chips don’t back down/fold when you bluff. Why such? Because they are not afraid to lose. Bluffs are more suitable for use on large tables filled with several very good players. If at a small table it will be difficult because some players do not feel annoyed or are not afraid to lose their chips because the chip bet is only a little.

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