How to Play Correct Score / Guess the Score

Corret Score bet type is a game to guess the final score of a match (Full Time) correctly. If the guess is wrong, then it is considered lost. Odds / Kei in correct score bets are quite high in proportion to the difficulty level of guessing the score results. With a small capital like IDR 50,000, if you are lucky you can win and get paid IDR 1,000,000 to IDR 5,000,000 according to the Odds kei value.
Correct score bets must be played before the match starts.
If the match has started, correct score bets are automatically closed. judi bola terpercaya
Not all match matches are provided with score guessing bets
On average, only big club matches have a score guess option.
How to Read Correct Score Bet / Guess the Score
How to Play Correct Score Guess the Score
For bets to guess the score / correct score like the example picture above has markets ranging from 0:0 to 4:4 and there are 2 choices, namely:
Correct Score : Guess the final score for Full time (2 x45 Minutes)
FH Correct Score : Guess the score at the end of the first half (1×45 minutes)
NB: AOS (Any Other Score) is a bet for scores that are not in the market as shown above. Example: 1:5, 2:5, 3:5, etc.

How to Calculate Correct Score Bet / Guess the Score link alternatif sbobet
The formula for calculating the winning result from guessing the score bet or correct score is: (Odds or Kei multiplied by the number of bets) – the amount of the bet.
How to Play Correct Score Guess the Score
Examples like the picture above:
Suppose you bet IDR 100,000 to guess the correct score (2:0) on the Newcastle Jets vs Perth Glory match.
If the final result is FT 2:0, then you win with the calculation as below:
(14.5 x 100) – 100 = 1.450 – 100 = 1.350
You get a win of IDR 1.350.000

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