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If you are a lover of Slot Gambling, Sbobet, Live Casino, Poker games who are looking for articles on how to play Fire Strike Slots or the meaning of Fire Strike Slots, you can’t go wrong with visiting this website.

Because here, the LahanBet Admin will provide a guide or explanation on How to Play Fire Strike Slots at Trusted Online Gambling Agents.

To play this Fire Strike Slot game is very easy, especially for those of you who often play machine gambling in your environment, this type of Fire Strike Slot game consists of five rolls of Dice, BAR and even 7 lucky symbols, all of which will fall when you can match one of them. 10 Paylines games.


So, how much reward will you get if the Fire Strike logo stops on the reel?

Well, here we will explain how to get bonus prizes and types of Daftar Casino Online Indonesia in the Fire Strike game:

The Flambeed Fire Strike symbol is a winning combination that players are aiming for, because in addition to changing strength. This symbol can result in a win of up to 25,000 times your bet chip bet.

Toast – Win Combine
You can also click the small ‘i’ button at the bottom of the game to display the payout list. In the payout table it will show how much you will win if three or symbols are found to match across the win line of the leftmost reel. judi online

BAR Simbol symbol
This type of symbol pays out the least 50x your line bet placed.

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– Image symbol, pays with middle class prizes
– 7s symbol, if it’s blazing this is the most desired by all players
If found match a glowing red 7 across the payline on three, four or all five reels to win 150x, 300x or even 1,000x of the respective line bet.

Fire Strike Slot Machine Symbol Can finish the game as a winning combination but also pay a prize of up to 2,000x the line bet if crossing the payline without changing anything.

* Filling all 15 positions of the Fire Strike slot machine with the game logo will result in a win of 5,000 times your bet.

That’s our explanation against the Fire Strike Slot Gambling game and thank you for your attention.

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