Easy tutorials to understand how to play Fantan Live Casino Online

Maybe many of you don’t know what fantasy game is, right? Therefore, we will help to explain in full how to play Fantan in this article.

Fantan is one of the online live casino games from Chinese society in ancient times, but now it can be enjoyed anywhere from this fantan.

If you visit a casino, of course you will find this fantan game. We have a practical way for all of you, namely playing Fantans online, so you don’t have to bother going to the casino anymore.

How to play Fantan is actually very easy, we are sure that when you finish reading this article you will immediately become proficient at playing Fantan. For beginners and everyone, make sure to read before playing so you don’t lose.

As above, we have mentioned how to play online, now we want to provide the best online gambling agent as a place to play fantasies later.

When you play Fantan using the best online gambling agent, of course you will feel maximum security and comfort later, the other most important thing is that your winnings will definitely be paid out correctly.

Therefore, don’t choose the wrong online gambling agent, bettor, let’s now see how to play this fantan live casino with the explanation below.

Different Types of Interesting Bets How to Play Fantan

When you are curious to learn how to play situs casino online properly, therefore, take the explanation of this article seriously so you can master the Fantasy game when you finish reading it later.

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Playing the fantan generally uses seeds, sticks, and bowls. Now the way to play is that the dealer will take the pile of seeds using a bowl and divide it into 4 parts using a stick.

Then if there are seeds left that do not become 4 parts then that is the answer to the fantan, so the essence of playing Fantan is in numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 as the final result.

But in guessing the bets in it there are various kinds, therefore we will help to share with all the bettors the complete types of online fantan bets below.

Fan: This bet can be used if you only guess 1 number correctly regarding the result of the fantasy later.

Nim: Nim is a bet with 2 numbers, choose 1 correct and 1 draw. If those two numbers don’t come out, it is considered a loser.

Kwok: Kwok again bets using 2 numbers, but if 2 numbers come out then the fantan will win. However, if another number is the result, it is certain to lose.

Nga: Bet 2 more numbers in the fantan, it means that if the selection matches the 2 numbers it is considered a win. But if another number comes out it is considered a draw and the other one loses.

Shen Sam Song: SSH relies on guessing 3 correct numbers, if one of the numbers is drawn it is considered a win. However, if other numbers are not out of 3 it is considered to be lost.

Odd: You can place a bet when playing the fantan way by choosing odd or odd, meaning that you will win if the result of the button is 1 or 3.

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Even: The last one is an even or even bet in the fantan, you have the potential to win if the number of buttons is 2 or 4. In addition, it is definitely considered a loss.

Easy isn’t the explanation of the type of bet when playing fantan above? If you already know it, you should study first until you really understand before starting fantan betting.

But if you already want to play Fantan using the method above, you should first find out the best online gambling agent. If you haven’t found it, feel free to contact our customer service at the bottom right of this page to ask about this.

Strategy to Win the Fantan Bet Easily

If you have mastered how to play fantasies as above, next we want to share some important strategies for beginners if you want to win fantasies easily.

First, you definitely have to be able to do how to play as above, because if you don’t understand, you will place the origin of the stakes, causing big losses.

Furthermore, if it’s your first time playing Fantan, play easy bets first with a small nominal. If you really are proficient then increase the bet amount gradually to win big.

Finally, reading the fantan history, because how many buttons appear most often then that could be the answer to his victory. This method has proven to be effective and is often used by fantan players.

We think those are the first 3 strategies when playing fantan online for the first time, hopefully it can provide good benefits for all bettors who read it.

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Finally, we have arrived at the end of this article about how to play Fantan online, if the bettor wants to learn how to play other games, please just look after or before this article, see you and thank you very much.


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