Complete explanation of how to play Dragon Tiger Live Casino Online

Do you want to know one of the easiest online live casino games? If so, then pay attention to the complete explanation of how to play dragon tiger from the contents of this article for beginners.

As we all know that dragon tiger is one of the easiest live casino games, so in most casinos dragon tiger is very crowded with visitors.

But don’t worry bettor, you can still play dragon tiger online. So we will help explain how to play dragon tiger live casino online using your smartphone or laptop.

How to play dragon tiger online with the casino there is no difference between the bettor, both are the same as using real money. So if you manage to win while playing dragon tiger, of course the real benefits will be obtained.

Now we only need to choose the best online gambling agent as a provider for the dragon tiger, but don’t worry bettor because we have recommendations for all of you.

In the best online gambling agent, of course, it presents the best various providers in it, now the advantage is of course the safety and comfort of playing agen casino terbaik in it is guaranteed.

The most important thing is that the bettor’s win will definitely be paid correctly by the online gambling agent, of course you don’t want it if the win is not paid? Therefore, don’t choose the wrong online gambling agent, bettor.

Complete Guide on How to Play the Complete Dragon Tiger

If you are already curious about how to play dragon tiger live casino online, then we try to explain it in full for all of you to make it easy to play later.

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Dragon tiger is often said to be similar to baccarat, but much easier to bettor. So, therefore playing dragon tiger is perfect if you are a beginner.

The essence of the dragon tiger game is very easy bettor, so dragon and tiger columns are available. Each column is dealt 1 card by the dealer, the column with the highest value will win the dragon tiger bet.

So now we try to pay attention to the value of the card in the dragon tiger, because even though it is the same as using playing cards. But not all card values ​​in online gambling games are the same bettor.

This is the value of the dragon tiger card from the lowest to the highest AS, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K. So the lowest card is AS and the highest is K.

When playing dragon tiger, of course, not only as long as you put it in the dragon or tiger bettor column. You can also place it in the tie column as well, we explain the meaning of each bet column below by calculating the winnings payout.

Dragon: You can place a dragon bet column if you believe that the value in dragon is greater than that of tiger, if it is proven to be winning then a 1: 1 payment will be obtained.

Tiger: Tiger is the opponent column of dragon, if you believe that tiger gets a higher card value than dragon then install it here. The winnings pay if you guess correctly is 1: 1.

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Tie: Tie is the bet column if you guess that the value in dragon or tiger is the same or draw, then you get a 1: 8 prize from this win. If you place a dragon or tiger and the result is a tie, your bet will be returned with a 50% deduction.

So that’s a bettor, an explanation of the types of bets in how to play dragon tiger, you must first understand before placing a bet in it.

We guarantee that if you have mastered how to play live casino dragon tiger, then you will easily and skillfully play the dragon tiger. The rest just need to analyze between dragon, tiger, or tie the result later.

If previously we mentioned the best online gambling agent as a place to play dragon tiger, then we will provide these recommendations for all bettors.

To easily find out, you can ask our live chat at the bottom right of this page. Live chat is always there for 24 hours to help with all the information the bettor wants.

If you already know, just create a play account in it to start playing dragon tiger. It may only take about 2-5 minutes for the account to be used.

After you finish becoming a playing account, then you can make a deposit to fill the initial capital to the credit balance. The credit balance functions to place bets in the dragon tiger game.

If it has been done, then just do how to play as described above, hopefully you can generate real big wins and profits.

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Tips for Winning When Betting Live Casino

If you are learning how to play dragon tiger, then we will add some tips to make it easy to win when playing dragon tiger.

Stay away from tie bets if you are still a beginner, because indeed the winning prize is indeed greater. But to win it is very difficult because the chances are very small bettor.
Dragon tiger’s winnings payout is 1: 1, so if you lose in the previous session, you should double your bet in the next session so that the capital can come back again.

Read the history board in dragon tiger, because you can do an analysis of what results come out more often. So that it can be a reference for what you want to install in the next session.

So, those are some tips to make it easy to win when playing dragon tiger, hopefully you will get good benefits from the contents of this article so that it is easy to win. Thank you and see you next time.


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