Characterless Strategy

Characterless Strategy
This time I will try to discuss about the characters that are related when they are at the following poker table. How to play poker shown below can we guide if we meet game tips like this the next day.

The high stakes table has been buzzing more and more loudly over the past few days and with at least one surprising result.

Something a bit odd happened to one of the tables with the biggest betting levels with Isildur1, samrostan, bttech86. And we’ll tell you here!

Beginning of Betting Until Close of Cards

At those tables with 500/1000 blinds, but it’s a closed table, where you can bet up to more than 40 blinds per spin. There are four players at the table, bttech86 holds the first turn. Here’s the card:

Then he raised to 3.5k. Samrostan made a call, but Isildur1 who is in SB(Small-Blind) position didn’t value the game that way, so he raised straight to 15k. One of the other players folded, but bttech86 with its 40k chips left, it went all-in without hesitation. Now samrostan makes a call, so does isildur1. And suddenly the three players went all-in in a pot of 121k, and the game continued.

Bttech86 has pair number 3, thus he has two pairs namely pair 3 and pair 4 and an Ace kicker. But then isildur1 shows the card..

For a pair 4 with a King kicker, but Samrostan also opens the following cards..

That is a pair of 4 and with a kicker of 10. And that way it’s clear the “monster” of Bttech86 is worth 121k!!

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Wow, certainly not an easy game in general. Just having a pair of 3 that determines the victory of the entire pot is something that is very unexpected when the cards placed on the table are high cards, and it’s only natural that one of them has a pair with the one on the table. After that, isn’t it certain that bttech86 has to embrace the disappointment of the Situs Bola Terlengkap.

But in reality it is not so. Let’s take a closer look at what’s really going on here. Keep in mind that this is a closed table, which means the position has less benefit than the game in general.

If you can’t bet more than 40 BB per hand, the implied odds are lower, and certain AAxx cards are easier to play from the blind, just as a path to the fight is shorter.

One card before the opening of the final card by the dealer, bttech86 does have a good pair of cards which are actually very suitable for raising bets. Samrostan calls holding cards that appear to be highly connected and expects a card to be a straight, so does Isildur1. From here you can see what really happened, Isildur and Samrostan expect 1 card to make their card value a straight.

And actually, isildur1 can only call once to see the cards on the table, and he doesn’t need to raise at all to create a situation like this. But we need to know from here, that it is not his style of play at all. This is the character, this is the lesson we should know in the world of poker. When you sit down at the poker table, you have to know who your opponents are, and what their character is. But it can also be deceiving at times, and sometimes people’s character will change when they’re having a “tilt”. We have to put them all in our mind, and remember each one carefully. For this discussion, I think being characterless is the best. And that statement very clearly states that, the best character is to be characterless. dominoqq online

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We can see here that, when isildur1 raises and is raised back to all-in by bttech86, this makes us wonder. Isildur1 has shown a game that he will not cover his cards again, meaning he has a strong suit currently in his hand. But does the bttech86 card outperform the card raised by isildur1? But bttech86 remained calm and didn’t show any emotion on his face.

You can categorize this in two ways, when isildur1 raises the strategy is just a mere bluffing technique to filter out players with bad cards, because he already has four hands that will surely win him in this battle or bttech86 has a counter for all of them, for example with a higher grip. Nobody knows that. But in reality the cards held by bttech86 have more possibilities and he holds cards with high values, the chances of straights with high cards are also low cards, and indeed that is what they are both looking for a straight.

But who would have thought then from the struggle of three players, all three of them expected this straight. Still won by the one who has a big hand, and ironically he wins with a small card, as small as 3. However, we can count here with a few calculations. Whose position is more profitable if they both use all-in as a solution to this game.

A big advantage for bttech86, with not so much money, it goes all-in which makes it unnecessary to share the winnings with anyone else at all due to a 4 card in the final flop. Card 4(Spades) has actually made Isildur1 almost reach its target, only one last card left. But who would have thought, the last card did not take sides at all and instead bttech86 won this Hand with a small card. And even when the last card was opened bttech86’s winning percentage rose to 57.36%.

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A characterless strategy is shown by bttech86, and vice versa a very characterless strategy is played by isildur1 & samrostan.

Isn’t this fact fun for us to learn? There are still lots of fun articles on poker playing strategies . I think the strategies presented here are a very enjoyable read. Because I myself am also a poker player. I also learn from young people with professional experience from them.

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